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One of the things I like about back pack blowers, is that unlike many other power equipment products, their performance can be measured and compared.  Never the less it can still become confusing as manufacturers will often throw out irrelevant numbers as will be explained below.

The measure.  CFM (cubic feet per minute) and MPH (Miles per Hour) are the measures of blower performance.  Manufacturers can easily increase MPH by making the pipe smaller but this will decrease CFM. And they can easily increase CFM by making the pipe bigger but this will decrease MPH.  It’s not unusual to see manufacturers list CFM at the housing and MPH at the end of the pipe.  But measuring CFM with the with the blow pipe removed is a meaningless exercise, other than to have a big number to write down on a spec sheet.  What matters and what you are looking for is CFM and MPH measured at the end of the pipe.

How do you measure performance with two different numbers.  You can crate a blowing performance index by multiplying the two together.  For example:

©Stihl’s top blower, the BR600 Magnum moves 712CFM @ 201MPH. If you multiply 712x201 and drop a few zeros you get an index of 14.3.

If you compare this to the ©Red Max EBZ8001, 685CFM @ 201MPH produces an index of 13.8.

This index may not be the perfect measure, but until a better one comes along it is a quick way to estimate one blower’s performance against another.

Which blower is the most powerful.  The most powerful backpack blower on the market that I’m aware of is ©RedMax’s EBZ8500 with 908CFM @ 206MPH, an index of 18.7.  Not far behind is ©Redmax’s EBZ7500 with 770CFM @ 236MPH, an index of 18.2.

Who makes he most powerful Back Pack Blower?